About us

Creative Free Play

Creative Free Play (CFP) is a blog to explore and share the joy and value of learning through play for children (and adults) and to create a community of parents and professionals where we can share ideas and offer support to one another.

CFP has been inspired by our experience of the New Zealand Playcentre Federation that looks to enable parents education in child development and to create a supportive network.

Our journey of development of our play concept KitCamp is also a vital thread to this story and one we would like to share. KitCamp® was inspired by wonderful memories of childhood den and fort building with military family packing cases and a desire to bring this joy to our children.

Take the simple joy of the card board box, the vast creative possibilities of Lego and the natural desire for den building that is in every child – and you have our fledgeling project KitCamp®.

About us

Anna’s background is in fine art, film and floral design. However it was my desire to build trees for film that took us to Wellington, New Zealand for a few years where in 2006 we had our first child – an experience that changed our lives and focus forever.  It was here I discovered my passion for child play and development through the Newzealand Playcentre Federation.

I love making art and I try to get to my studio to work on various projects when ever I can. There is a huge cross over in art, business and parenting when it comes to creative thinking and problem solving, and I am constantly fascinated by our 21st Century struggle to balance work and family life and to fulfil our own desires and everyone else expectations! I try to be mindful whenever I can…

Jonathan grew up in South Africa where he was an avid and competitive surfer. He trained as a graphic designer and now works with Anna in their design company. Having spent the last 20 years in the design world he has grown to passionately believe in its importance, not just as a visual tool, but an invaluable asset to stimulate change in people’s lives and the world around us. Be it through visuals, products or systems, the benefit of well considered design can only improve the way we interact with our environment. Think it through!

In 2006 they had their first child in New Zealand – an experience which changed their lives and focus forever. They have two children (the urchin is 9 and the angel is 5), and a very, very, hairy terrier. They all live in rural Wiltshire, UK.